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Pick Your Confirmation Time

Creating entries in the blockchain requires a fee to the miners (and a small premium to us for this service). We give you some options based on desired confirmation time

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Submission time range is based on a rolling window submission delay.

* Confirmation time is on average 10 minutes after submission, but will vary randomly based on mining activity


Pending Blockchain Submission

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Use this Verify link later to make sure your chainstamp proof has at least 1 confirmation.

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Use this Verify link later to make sure your chainstamp proof has at least 1 confirmation.

Confirmed: Your Chainstamp is in the Blockchain

Status: Confirmed, 1 Confirmation

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Confirmed in block: 483738
Timestamp: 14:23:03 UTC on Nov 2nd, 2017


Backup and Protect your files

In order to verify your chainstamp’s at later date (like 10 years from now), keep a perfect copy of your files.
Caution: programs like Microsoft word will alter your files if you just open them, so keep a separate copy or use .pdf format

Files are not sent to us

This web page processes your files into unique "fingerprints" (digital hashes) without sending their contents to our server.
Only this digital fingerprint is shared with us and can be seen by others.
Submission has free and paid options available.


How to step 1

Backup your files

In order to verify a chainstamp at a later date, you need a file that is identical to was submitted originally.

Create a folder just for chainstamp files, consider write protection so not a single byte can change. Consider storing it in the cloud.
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Select your files

Using the drag drop area above or by clicking on that, you can select your files which will be submitted for a chainstamp.

When you are ready click submit button.
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Chainstamp proofs have 3 payment levels.
  • Basic: Lowest cost or free, but with longer delay before blockchain submission.
  • Simple: A good choice for most users.
  • Pro: Highest price and limits. When you can't wait.
You can pay with Credit Card or Cryptocurrencies
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Blockchain Transaction & Confirmations

We submit a transaction to the blockchain that contains the “fingerprint” of your digital files.

A confirmation indicates when your transaction is included in a block (the “block” in “blockchain”).
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Download Your Proof File

Download your proof file (Submitted or Confirmed status only).

The chainstamp proof file can be used to locate and verify your timestamped entries in the blockchain, independently of our company. It ensures you can always verify your data forever.
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